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            Service hotline:0755-86966280、13902870876、18688929785
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            Shenzhen Asoka Printing Co.,Ltd

            Contact us

            Phone: 0755-86966280
            Fax: 0755-33880444
            URL: www.www.673286.com
            Address: Baozhiwei Technology Park,#51Guangtian Rd,Luotian Songgang Town,Baoan District, Shenzhen, China 518105 View map>>
            Company profile


            Shenzhen Asoka Printing Co., Ltd. was established in Zhuhai city since 1997. In 2008, factory moved to Shenzhen city . Asoka has over 20 years more experience in printing and packaging manufacturing, is one of the most professional leading printing packaing company in China.

            We specialize in paper (Gold/Silver paper), plastic (PET/PVC/PP) ,UV and 3D (Lenticular) printing. In addition to ordinary 2D packaging and printing (such as a variety of paper box, plastic boxes, handbags, catalogs, brochures, display, etc.), but also covers the current high-end category of 3D packaging printed matter (such as boxes, postcards, stickers, posters , Puzzles, etc.).Various printing products can be made in our one-stop workshop.

            Asoka has 3 floors workshop area around 6300 square meters , with globally advanced printing machines such as Japan Komori 7C+1UV、 Japan Komori 5C printing machine、automatic- laminating  machine、CTP machine、 Automatic box gluer etc.

            Asoka haveing 10 more engineers with 20 years experience in printing packaging producing , and with "people-oriented" management philosophy, development of independent innovation route, globalization thinking mode and group development direction always serve all our old and new customers with perfect products.          

            soka have already got the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001,ICTI, GMI and Disney audit. High quality products providing with our experience worker and management , specially our strict quality control system .We do OEM for "Target","Walmark","Walgreen","Best Buy",Disney" etc.

            Asoka providing you the best support competitive price、high quality、soonest delivery and professinal  after-sales .we are aiming to  be your   best  long-term business partner on printing and packaging. Welcome to contact us at any time!

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