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            Service hotline:0755-86966280、13902870876、18688929785
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            Shenzhen Asoka Printing Co.,Ltd

            Contact us

            Phone: 0755-86966280
            Fax: 0755-33880444
            URL: www.www.673286.com
            Address: Baozhiwei Technology Park,#51Guangtian Rd,Luotian Songgang Town,Baoan District, Shenzhen, China 518105 View map>>
            Factory equipment

            Shenzhen Asoka Printing Co.,Ltd since its inception, is committed to the development of professional 3D, UV stereoscopic printing. Product main export. Major equipment companies Komori 1 UV printing machine and Komori five color machine to boot, automatic sticky box machine, beer machine and other ancillary equipment, production of major products have 3D stereo series, PVC, pet, PP transparent plastic boxes and cartons, etc. series products, formed to design, printing, after the procedure a dragon service system. After years of assiduous and accumulated experience, the company to create as a continuous learning and innovation, management team with high sense of responsibility. We are committed to better reputation, higher quality, faster speed, as always, for the vast number of new and old customers to provide perfect and thoughtful service for your products to provide more security and more careful care!

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